Top paintball guns differ in models and functions. Some are manually while others semi-automatic or fully automatic. The size and weight also differ as well as the power. Bellow you can find the 6 common types of paintball guns that can be found on the market. Understanding the specifications of each type is very important in order to be able to find the right one for you.

  • Pump paintball gun. This the basic type of paintball gun. It is 100% manually. This means that in order to set up the gun to be fired you need to pull a pump handle forward and backward after every shot. This is the first type of paintball gun created. Though it is simple it is very reliable. As the technology developed there are few people that still use this paintball gun.
  • Semi-automatic paintball gun. This is the most commonly used type of paintball gun. In order to fire it you need to pull the trigger. Each shot requires a trigger. This gun can be found in two different forms: entirely manual or electro pneumatic.
  • 3-shot burst paintball gun. This is an electro pneumatic gun that fires three shots whit one trigger pull. This type of gun in not as commonly used as other types as most players prefer semi-automatic or full-automatic guns.
  • Ramping paintball gun. This type of paintball gun requires a constant triggering but the rate of fire increases gradually. The maximum rate of fire is more than 20 balls per second.
  • Fully automatic paintball gun. This type of paintball gun starts firing and continues to do it as long as you keep the finger on the trigger. Each model has a defined rate of fire that you must be aware of.
  • Machine gun paintball gun. Though this type of paintball gun does not really exist it is a term frequently used by those that practice this sport frequently. Machine guns are those paintball guns that shoot at a very high speed. It is common for both fully-automatic and ramping types. The models that actually have such aspect are in most cases just semi-automatic guns. So be careful not to full yourself with a beautiful name.


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