The first advantage is first of all a greater control of environmental factors. An efficient growing room will provide a stable light level, optimum climatic conditions and a nutritious program adapted 365 days a year, which is never the case outdoors. Outside, the farmer remains dependent on weather conditions and is forced to cope with the weather conditions dictated by Mother Nature.


The second is the hygienic aspect. When cannabis is cultivated for therapeutic use it should be as free as possible from any parasitic organisms and other fungal germs or spores, as it is prescribed for people who often have a defective respiratory or immune system. Products derived from outdoor cultivation are often incompatible with the therapeutic use of cannabis: animal dung, numerous pests and mold insects can be very dangerous for sick people. Cannabis produced indoors is at a lower level not completely free of these disadvantages, but it is still healthier provided it is grown in good conditions.

The third, but not least, is the possibility of growing all year round and making several harvests a year. By following permanent harvesting strategies you can learn on how to maximize your yields, it is possible to artificially recreate several flowering cycles per year. Flowering taking an average of two months to reach term, it is theoretically possible to make six per year. This technique makes it possible to have cannabis all year long without ever cultivating large quantities: it is enough to have two spaces of culture, one for the growth and one for the flowering. As plants develop in the flowering space (12 pm – 12 pm), cuttings are set to root. The latter will grow in the growing space (18 hours of day / 6 hours of darkness), while the first plants forced to flower at the beginning of the cycle will come to an end.

When the first flowering is over, it is enough to bring back a new series of plants that will have grown during the previous flowering. Another advantage is the satisfaction that the practice of such a hobby can provide. As plant biology remains an exciting field, it may allow people practicing cannabis cultivation for therapeutic purposes to focus on something other than the disease. For other practitioners it’s still a good way to cultivate your personal green space in the big urban complexes that have become our metropolis cities.

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