Anyone interested in improving conversions and search engine rankings should be using analytics on their website. Analytics is a simple tracking code that is placed on all of the pages of your website. This code can gather useful data that can be analyzed at a later time for many reasons. Some of the information that analytics software collects include:

  • Which websites referred the traffic to your site. For example you have a link on another site and a user clicks the links on that site and is taken to your site.
  • Which search engines referred traffic to your site
  • What keywords users typed into the search engines to find your site
  • Which pages they entered your site at
  • How long they stayed on your site. Also averages of all visit times to your site
  • How many pages they looked at while on your site.
  • Which pages they visited while on your site
  • Which page they were on when they exited your site
  • What kind of web browsers your users are using
  • Where in the world your users were coming from

You can also setup specific coding on certain pages to track lead conversions. So if you have an online form you would want to put a special analytics code on the pages that advertise your form, the form page itself, and finally the thank you page after they fill out your form. This will allow you to track where in the cycle your visitors fall off as they approach your forms page and how many of your visitors you actually convert into leads from your form. This can help you to find out if there are problems with certain pages if you are loosing too many users before they get to the form or perhaps they don’t complete the form. That would be an indication that you need to simplify your form so you can capture more of those users that were dropping off.

Perhaps many of your users exit your site at a specific page. This could be an indication that the page needs a redesign or better navigation so you stop loosing users on that page.

As you can see there are many useful features of website analytics. We include free website anlytics code on all of our website designs. It is a critical part of your websites future development and ultimately will lead to increased profits for your business.

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