Psychologist Northern Beaches has, for more than 23 years, been dedicated to assisting people lead happier, healthier and more enjoyable lives. The highly regarded team of Northern Beaches city psychologists at Northern Beaches Counselling Centre have helped literally thousands of people and have earned the reputation of being one of  most progressive and well-respected psychology practices. Our team comprises some ofNorthern Beaches’s most qualified, capable and experienced counselling psychologists.



How can Psychologist Northern Beaches help you?

The Psychologist Northern Beaches centre offers a broad range of psychology and counselling services for families, couples and individuals.

Counselling for families

At Northern Beaches Counselling Centre our psychologists are expertly trained to assist with counselling for families. We have psychologists who specialise in specific areas, such as:

  • • family therapy
  • • parenting skills
  • • adolescent adjustment
  • • separation & divorce
  • • assertiveness training
  • • transactional analysis
  • • grief & loss

Counselling for couples

At Northern Beaches Counselling Centre we have experienced psychologists who specialise in helping with relationships and counselling for couples. Our goal is to assist our clients to achieve the kind of relationships they want to be experiencing.  Counselling can also focus on assisting people to adjust to changes in their relationship.  Some of the issues we can help you with include:

  • • relationship counselling
  • • communication skills training
  • • jealousy and insecurity
  • • sexual abuse

Counselling for individuals

Our expertly trained psychologists have decades of experience helping people just like you undertaking counselling for individuals. Some of the areas we can help with include:

  • • stress
  • • depression
  • • anxiety/panic attacks/phobias
  • • post traumatic stress disorder
  • • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • • anger management
  • • workplace stress
  • • sleep disorders
  • • grief and loss
  • • child/general abuse recovery
  • • addiction abuse recovery
  • • weight management
  • • self development
  • • goal setting
  • • eating disorders
  • • social anxiety / shyness

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