One of NC’s newest clay target destinations,Shooting Range is located just 15 miles from centralĀ  near the intersection of US-23 and I-96. Established in October 2002 by champion shooter and owner Pat Lieske, the 1 1/2-mile-long sporting clays course covers 70 acres of wooded terrain and grassy fields. A 60-ft. movable tower adds an interesting twist to the 15-20 already diverse stations. The fully automatic course uses the Claymate counting system, so there is never the need to wait for pullers. Individuals can easily shoot by themselves using the handy delay setting.

Four combination skeet/trap fields are controlled by the Claymate system, and the Rifle Ranges NC use the convenient Canterbury voice-activated release. One NSCA 5-Stand is set up with eight traps, and one FITASC parcour is also used as a practice area for shooters to work on those extra-long FITASC-style targets. A computer-controlled duck blind is another fun way to utilize the eight FITASC traps. The rifle/pistol range offers 20 positions at 100 yards, 10 positions at 50, and 10 positions at 25, all with covered shelters.

Club owner, 10-time NSCA All-American Pat Lieske, provides shooting instruction for private, group, or corporate outings starting at $125 an hour. The functional range and complete clubhouse, offering gun rentals, ammo, carts, and clothes, will make the superb setting to host the Zone III Championship June 25-27 with plenty of nearby lodging. The facility is open every day except Tuesday, and membership is available but not required.

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