Getting this stroller in and out of the car is never a hassle. Customers who have used it have reported that it easily and compactly folds when you need to store it, and expands into shape when you are unloading it from a trunk. It does not take up as much space in your car as other models. It can be stored flat, or standing up, and it slides into compact cars as easily as it fits into minivans.



There is no reason to worry about the weather, with the canopies provided on the city select double stroller. They provide shade when you have the little ones out in the sun, and if it starts to rain, they will be protected from the wetness. There is a transparent window built into the canopies so that your children do not feel like they are missing any of the sights.

With the ability to use the city select double stroller for one or two children, this versatile and user-friendly product performs well for parents and caregivers. The black and silver colors are stylish and they will match anything, and many other accessories for kid-friendly travel are available. This product can be used from birth, and is compatible with almost all car seats and infant carriers. It may be the only stroller you need.

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