The Business Broker and You, the Buyer.

By law, I work for the person who signed the listing contract. After all, they are the folks that will be paying me.

But for me to get paid, I must have a buyer. If I do not take good care of the buyer, I will never get paid. For that reason, I make sure that buyers, including inexperienced buyers, understand all parts of the process of buying a business, and I am there to assist when needed.

All inexperienced buyers have a degree of anxiety about buying a business. It’s normal, and it’s part of our need for self preservation.

In a typical business purchase, you will have a list of people that are observing the deal, such as:

  • Bankers
  • Accountants
  • Attorney
  • Friends and family

The point is you are not out there alone; you will have people with a vested interest in the deal that care about you.

My responsibility to you is to provide you all the assistance necessary to complete the deal, including full disclosure at all times.

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