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This post explains the 3 things to look for when choosing your conveyancing app

# 1

The first thing to look for when choosing your conveyancing app is whether they offer a “No Completion No Fee” guarantee.

Poor legal work by solicitors is a key reason for sales falling through – and if the sale falls through they don’t get paid!  L aw firms really like to get paid so this is a great incentive for them to do a good job!

(Most firms don’t offer this, so if a firm does it’s a sure sign they’re confident in their ability to do a good job.)

# 2

The second thing to look for  is a firm of solicitors that operate on a “Fixed Fee Quote” basis.

This is to make sure that you don’t end up facing a huge bill.  However long your transaction takes you have the “peace of mind” of knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying at the end, with no hidden costs.

Remember, it doesn’t take many letters at £50 each for a big bill to mount up.  Make sure you’ve capped your costs or you could end up paying hundreds more than you need to.

# 3

The third thing to look for is a conveyancing solicitor that will “match any quote”.

This guarantees you’ll get the best possible price and that you’ll never pay more than you need to.

5% discount

We review the UK’s leading conveyancing solicitors.

After extensive searching, we’ve found a firm of solicitors that will not only “match any quote”  –  they’ll actually give you a 5% discount on top of that!

Their name is Wolstenholmes and they offer:

  • a “No Completion No Fee” guarantee
  • they operate on a “Fixed Fee Quote” basis
  • they’ll “match any quote” and give a 5% discount


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