You and your spouse have decided to have a baby but, you both think it will be great to have a boy to play soccer with the daddy. What then is the best way to conceive a boy? Before we go into the best ways to conceive a boy, you must know two things.


The two things you must know for the best ways to conceive are:

First, a woman cannot determine the sex of the baby! So, forget about taking all the blame especially in the Asian context where boys are generally more favoured than girls, why you have 3 girls and the 4th will still be a girl. Through works of nature, women have only the X-chromosomes. Only the males have both the X and Y-chromosomes that is, when the man ejaculates, his sperm will contain both the X and the Y-chromosomes and when the Y-chromosome fertilizes the egg, you hit the jackpot to conceive a boy!

Secondly, the Y chromosome-bearing sperm are smaller, more fragile but they move faster than the larger X chromosome-bearing sperm. So, you need to create as best an environment as possible to facilitate the fragile Y-sperm to race to the egg before the X-sperm, in order to conceive a boy.


(1) Timing of intercourse
The timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation will affect the chances of having a boy. This is an important factor on the best ways to conceive a boy. Intercourse as close as possible to ovulation will help the faster Y-sperm reach the egg first and achieve conception.

When do you know it is ovulation time?

When you find the cervical mucus is like raw egg white. Imagine that you have cracked a small hole in an egg and down drips the egg white – watery, slippery and stretchable. Base on experience, before ovulation, you will see the cervical mucus getting more watery (that is, wetter). And the next day or two, it will be really slippery and slick like the raw egg white, before it goes off in a day or two.

You will also find a small rise in your basal temperature by about half a degree Celsius in the morning, after ovulation has occurred. This temperature rise does not predict ovulation but tells you that ovulation has taken place. However, to use this temperature rise natural method, your menstruation cycle must be accurate and you need to chart at least two months of the cycle to determine when you will ovulate and hence when to have intercourse so as to be on track for the best way to conceive a boy.

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