Does jelqing work? The answer is Yes.

Jelqing is considered the most effective for increase penis size but jelqing method can help you increase penis size 1 inches. So, you should add to learn other penis enlargement exercise like Penis Advantage Program or stretching techniques because it may help you add penis size more 1 inch. I understand that some men feel be bored with jelqing method because it is time 15-30 minutes a day and perform jelqing during 4-8 weeks or more. If you choose penis enlargement exercise method because you feel fear or worry about risk from using pills or pumps, you should choose the best penis enlargement exercise program. The best program is Penis Advantage Program because it use time 6 minutes a day and within few week, you can enlarge your penis size more 1-4 inches. Also, Penis Advantage Program can help to improved any sex health.


After you know that does jelqing work? And you choose using jelqing for add penis size 1 inch, you should know a these few things. These things are to perform jelqing 15-30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week for around 6 weeks or longer, patience and good routine.

is it possible to grow your penis with jelqing?

1. Consistency: if jelqing work why many men fail at jelqing? the answer is they lack consistency. If you want results, big results, then you have to be consistent. For penis exercise, the proper time is 4-5 days a week.

2. Time: if you put in the time, does jelqing work? Yes. This is another major reason why many men fail for to enlarge penis size. they don’t give it enough time. You should do penis exercises for at least a month. You may see gains quicker, everyone is different, but plan on committing a month, or more, if you want even bigger penis size gains.

3. Follow a Program: does jelqing work? Sure, if you follow a program with how to jelq

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