The following five things have much to do with the amount of money you take home from your law practice this year:

1. Of the nearly 1 million attorneys alive, over 75% of them
are in private practice;
2. Of those 750,000 attorneys in private practice, 70% are in
a firm of 10 attorneys or less;
3. Today, there are about 390 people for every 1 attorney;
4. 45,000 attorney will graduate from law school this school
year, and 75% will go into a private practice with 10 attorneys
or less; and
5. Most attorneys do not have a system to market their practice.


With the growing number of attorneys in America, the fact is you have to fight for nearly every client you get.  Unless you have a system in place that brings in client after client — like clockwork — they’ll simply find another attorney down the street.

Are you nervous yet?  Don’t be.  With a little time and effort, you  discover how to implement a system in YOUR office.

The best news is, I can help you, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. . . not even your little finger.

But I’m not here to convince you to market your practice.  No, there’s enough of that information around on why you should.  But, I am here to show you cost-effective way to get more clients, better clients and make more money.

What’s better, is that I’m happy to make law firm marketing information available to you, absolutely FREE!  And, I know you’ll use it, because most of my customers tell me these three things:

1. “Your information is accurate and relevant,”
2. “You’re easy to follow and understand,” and
3. “Your products get me more clients.”

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