Don’t know the name of the paint color on your walls but you love it? Painting Company offer professional color matches so you can keep the look you love but with a refresh.​

Many of our customers know the exact colors they want. But for those who don’t or those who want some design expertise, our color consultant can review your color choices as well offer color options, paint methods and styles to enhance the design.

We all love a new paint color but the primary reason we paint is to protect both the interior and exterior of our homes.  Sealing doors and windows ensures your energy dollars are not being wasted.Caulking and repairing openings in your home’s exterior protects it from water and other damaging effects of weather.   Storms can toss branches and other debris against your home causing holes you may not be aware of.  Check regularly for these openings and have them sealed and provide a good coat of paint every other year to cover small cracks before damage can occur.


We use only top manufacturer coatings that are environmentally friendly and safe for your family.   If you have any questions regarding the products and materials to be used in your home, please feel free to ask us.

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