Milano Traduzioni is also professionalism thanks to the presence of valid translators in the 45 languages ​​offered by our agency.

We provide transcription, typing and transcription services in Italian of audio and video documents related to meetings, boards of directors, hearings, municipal and regional councils.

We carry out translations and linguistic services specifically for law firms

We also have a service of sworn translations with legal value for passports, certificates (birth, residence, death), diplomas, degree, visa, medical certificates, judicial documents, etc. Also with legal value abroad thanks to the affixing of Apostille of the Hague. See also countries exempt from the apostilla or legalization, for which only a sworn translation is sufficient or how it is possible to give legal value to a translation.

In the immense panorama of the internet, Milano Traduzioni stands out for its strengths. So why choose Milano Traduzioni? Here are twelve reasons:

Over 80 professional translators (with a minimum of five years’ experience) in 45 languages
Quick estimates
More than 6000 customers in Italy and abroad
Twenty years of experience in the field of translations
Fast translations in 24 hours of work
Real-time translation tracking (for volumes over 15 days)
Value for money among the best
Management of multilingual projects and large volumes
ISO certified work process
Respect of deliveries and punctuality
Penalty in case of delay
Project Manager always available via Skype or mobile (for continuous collaboration) included in the price
80 professional translators

Milano Traduzioni has 80 professional translators. All our collaborators have a minimum experience of 5 years and specific training in the field of languages, translations and interpreting.

Quick estimates

Milano Traduzioni will provide the customer with a quick quote after contact by e-mail or by phone. On average the quote is provided within an hour of the customer’s request.

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