White goods

The freezer and other white goods should all be disconnected. You should also wash these set of belongings with detergent and dry them out to avoid unpleasant odours.

Electrical goods

The removals company loves it if you can park electrical goods in their original packaging. This makes it easier for the removals agent to know how to carefully handle the goods. If you can’t find the original packaging again, pack the equipment in a carton that is bigger and write “fragile” clearly on the best visible part of the carton. After which you surround it with clothes or beddings to give the equipments some protection.


Keep a list

It is advisable that you make a list of all the items that you have placed inside each of your boxes and have a mark of the exact destination room on each box. This will be of great help when your belongings come out of store. Although the removals company always makes an inventory of everything they put into the containers, if you don’t make your own list you will never remember exactly what you have inside each box after a long storage period.
Items that cannot be stored

Most removals companies do not allow flammable items such as petrol, gas, paint etc to go into storage. Items like food stuffs are not stored as well. If a removals company accepts to store any of these items, your insurance cover for such items would be invalidated. Accepting to store petrol or gas and other flammable items means putting your possessions and other people’s possessions at risk from fire.
We advise that you check with the representatives of the removals company to know what they store and what they cannot store.

Warn of access problems prior to a move

The Removals Company uses vans that are as tall as 14 feet. If you suspect or know that there will be obstructions along the way, tell the removals company so that they can arrange for an alternative.

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