The LED cultivation lamps are now an established reality in indoor cultivation, cultivating with LED lamps brings lower energy consumption and being cold light it is possible to grow even in the warm months of the year, something that normal incandescent lamps do not allow due the high temperatures they produce themselves. The latest generation indoor LEDs guarantee excellent results and are unparalleled in comparison with traditional lamps. Thanks to the excellently blended spectrum in blue, white and red colors, the LED cultivation lamps guarantee the coverage of the entire cultivation path: from germination to flowering, guaranteeing excellent harvests. The cultivation LEDs are all equipped with plug and play connections, ie they are connected to the electrical socket with the cable supplied, without using any external power supply.


Grow LEDs for cultivation of the latest generation and technology that can save electricity by growing indoors. Lamps g3 intelligent grow led and cob led, innovative broad spectrum, the ONLY ON THE MARKET with 6 color bands to cover all the vital phases of the plant. The grow LEDs for cultivation of the G3 inteligent line are equipped with a remote control (which can be purchased separately) which has the function of choosing the luminous spectrum desired for the various vital phases of the plants: germination, growth and flowering; in addition, the intensity of the LED light can be set to recreate the dawn, mid-day and sunset.

Grow LEDs are the ideal lighting for indoor growing. These lamps are of the AGRO type, which means that they can nourish the seedling from the growth phase to the final stage of flowering. In addition, they have numerous advantages: Energy savings compared to HPS, MH or Agro lamps (50% to 60%); They do not emit heat and save air treatment. The grow LEDs for plants do not need feeders, reflectors etc. these cultivation LEDs last for many hours and do not lose their efficiency over time. Grow LEDs have a perfect spectrum for autoflowering plants. The spectrum of these cultivation LEDs goes from white to red simulating the color gradation on the orange tone like an Agro lamp.

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