It is inevitable that at some point all households requires the service of a plumber whether for a quick fix or ongoing problem, the job requires a professional eye. So which plumber? There are so many available how can the best one be chosen? A general rule of thumb is hiring one that consistently delivers the best customer service and is good value for money. The following advises on a few factors to be considered when choosing the right one:

  • Hire an experienced skilled plumber– It is logical that the more experience the plumber has had in various sort of jobs, the more likely he will be able to do a good job and provide a reliable service. You shouldn’t compromise on the skill and experience of the plumber for the cost. The job itself may be costly at the time but it will prove to be cheaper for you in the long run as you are paying for quality.
  • Consider a reputable qualified plumber– The more reputable a plumber is the more widely available references can be found about his service. Ask a few sources before deciding as it is better to hire someone on personal recommendation so that you can trust them and their services. Plumbers in Danbury CT
    should have a basic qualification of an NVQ and a technical certificate. Any plumbers carrying out gas maintenance work should be Gas Safe Registered to prove they are competent
  • Compare costs and rates of different plumbers-Plumbers charge different rates according to the task and each plumber differs in his rates. The cost will be determined by the quality of the service and the tools or equipment used .Installation of any kind will also be more expensive. The quality of service should ideally be reflected in the job, but bear in mind that an expensive plumber may not necessarily do a better job than a cheaper one.
  • Travel-The rates of each individual differs in the fact that it includes time and travel distances. It would be sensible to compare different times and distances of each plumber so that you know to avoid those that would have to travel long distance, thereby taking up more time and cost. Local plumbers can deliver just as effectively.
  • Establish a good relationship– It is important to hire a plumber that you feel comfortable with. If you have a good rapport then it would be much easier to communicate and ask relevant questions. A good relationship also enables you to observe the plumbers work and air any concerns. Make sure from the start that all prices agreed and the contract is clear to both parties. If you have any alternative suggestions to the plumber’s method then you may be able to express them to the plumber who may take it on board
  • Buying your own fixtures-You should have the option of buying your own fixtures or appliances as you may be able to get them cheaper from what the plumber may charge .  Check with the plumber from the outset that he is familiar with the brand and goods that you’re buying or ask for suggestions. Double check that he will know how to install the appliances of your own choice to avoid any costly mistakes.


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