Box Menswear

The latest release of the limited edition Pro-Stretch Fun coloured waistbands have just hit the street.

CK is getting quite a following with these fashion must haves.  Colours just released have continued the striped theme they started in autumn ‘08 but this time they have introduced some pink back into the palette.  I have it on good authority that last year Pink waistbands were a phenomenal success.

It will be interesting to see how quickly these babies remain available. ..  I thought the whole “limited edition” thing was just hype, but it’s true – they only manufacture a limited quantity of each colourway and never, never, repeat them.

I figure there are five reasons why you might choose to wear a jock:

1. Curiosity.
And that’s a really good reason to try one out. Let’s face it they are not exactly the most expensive underwear option and I fully approve of broadening your horizons by trying something new. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.

2. You’re an exhibitionist
And why not? If you are proud of your bum then show it off. I’m not suggesting that you wander down your local high-street in just a jock, but what you do in your own home (or other private place) is your own business.

3. You exercise a lot
Now for some practical uses. If you’re a regular gym goer you’ll know that you can (and should) get quite sweaty. If you are doing a lot of exercises sitting down the heat and sweat can become uncomfortable. Some very serious gym goers I’ve spoken too swear by their Jock during exercise. They claim it keeps them cool, there’s no fabric to ride up and cause wedgies, and they find it a lot more comfortable. They also claim that if you get a properly fitting jock it offers quite a lot of support when they are on the running machine.

Finally, because the straps are elasticated they move with you and are less restrictive than other forms of underwear. So they claim anyway.

4. Swimming in unlined shorts
Some swim shorts come with a convenient mesh lining to give you a bit of support in and out of the water.jock2 They’re made of mesh so that the water can escape otherwise you’d be walking around with a couple of gallons of water sloshing around your tackle – not a good look. The mesh also stops you overexposing yourself when the shorts are wet and stuck to your skin.


So what if your favourite shorts don’t have a mesh lining? Well, a jock really is a good alternative if you don’t want to wear swimming trunks under your shorts. Wearing ordinary underwear in water is just not an option. Don’t try it, you’ll regret it.

A jock will give you support, keep you decent, let you move freely and because there is no fabric at the back they won’t fill with water.

5. You like them.
The best reason of all – if you like them you go for it. Don’t look for an excuse to justify it – be proud of your underwear choice, whatever it is.

If you fancy giving a jock a go you could do worse than taking a look here.

More info: Box Menswear

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Flyttfirma Malmö

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Real estate investing companies Seguin

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Dr sebi diet plan

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