If you need urgent treatment for beetles, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches or moths at your home or business premises, Pest Control Charlotte NC can arrive the same day to remove pests anywhere in the Charlotte area.

Pest Control Charlotte NC are the trusted local experts for commercial and residential pest control. They know the best pest control techniques in the industry to locate, identify and remove pests. Our professional pest control methods at Pest Control Charlotte NC are environmentally sound.

So for safe pest control in or around the area, don’t waste time. Contact Pest Control Charlotte NC today for a same day service.



Silverfish Inspections 

Silverfish are often household pest. These shy little silver insects are destructive as they eat materials that contain carbohydrates and starch like cereals and sugar, book bindings, wallpaper, timber and clothes. Problem silverfish can be removed by calling on the pest control expert.

Mice Inspections

Mice are small but harmful and destructive. They can easily chew through wires destroying electrical appliances, get into your kitchen cupboards and pantry and create havoc for you and the health and safety of your occupants.

Mice can be found in buildings that have poor hygiene levels, in the garage and kitchen areas where they collect and keep food they find.


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