Well, that got your attention! Isn’t that what every independent professional is really looking for — that one magic formula that will take the effort out of marketing and bring you all the clients you need, forever?

These “secrets” to marketing consist of supposedly surefire approaches like search engine optimization for your website, publishing articles online, social networking, joining a leads group, sending postcards, and running pay-per-click ads. There are of course many more, and each of them is being touted by someone as the ultimate solution for marketing your business.


Trying to sort out the truth in these conflicting claims leaves you with three basic possibilities:

  1. All of this is nonsense; there is no secret to marketing.
  2. All of these probably are secrets for some people at some times, but none of them may be right for you.

No matter which of these points of view you take, the result is that none of these secrets are ultimately very helpful.

For many years, I’ve said that the real secret to marketing for independent professionals is choosing a set of simple, effective things to do, and doing them consistently.

That word “effective” can make this a bit tricky. You have to know what is effective in order for this secret to work for you.

But by “completely ineffective,” I mean ideas like running a Yellow Pages ad to market a management consulting business, or networking on Facebook in order to make more contacts with doctors, or sending out direct mail letters to attract psychotherapy patients. When the marketing tactics you pick are that far off base, no amount of consistency will make them work.

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