Vocabulary tests are underrated in measuring a person’s intelligence. It doesn’t consider the more significant aptitudes such as logic, mathematics, or spatial visualization. The aim of vocabulary tests is to check a human’s vocabulary; whether they know a word or not. Or, how much they have read in a dictionary. It only measures prior knowledge as opposed to variable intelligence. The test involves a learned skill and not an inherent one. But still, a wide vocabulary is considered a true measure of intelligence.


Disadvantages of Vocabulary Tests
Since it involves memorizing words, it seems a superficial technique in computing IQ. It is also dependent with a person’s language. It is based on knowledge learned before instead from a skill that’s an essential to one’s IQ. The aim of finding out the capacity of someone’s brain is also defeated. Unfortunately, it appears to be what the basics of this test accomplishes.

Advantages of a Vocabulary Test
A vocabulary test does not only asks you to memorize words. It also values other concepts related to vocabulary. It is a full examination of a person’s verbal intelligence. This test can examine a person’s ability for comprehension and expression. It looks into one’s reading, writing, to communication skills.

The verbal component of an IQ test looks into a person’s capacity in learning verbal material. The test also looks into the ability to practice these skills in testing other aptitudes. It is a real quantifiable asset of intelligence. A person’s word bank is also responsible in finding out the knowledge they have acquired in life. To build and expand it requires a fair amount of mental effort. Improving one’s verbal intelligence is certainly not an easy task.

Resource: www.iq-tests.org

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