5 September: The Art Star wins Best Festival Documentary, Best Director and Best Editor at New Zealand’s most prestigious film awards, the Qantas Film and TV Awards.

9 December: The Art Star wins Best Documentary, Whistler Film Festival. The jury was quoted as saying “This is a film that makes all documentary filmmakers envious because eveyrthing you could ever want to happen in front of the camera did. Real life and tragedy collides with the passion of art before our eyes.”

6 October: The Art Star garners Special Jury mention, Zurich Film Festival.

27 September: Pietra Brettkelly wins Spirit Award for Best Director, EBS International Documentary Film Festival Seoul, Korea.

22 August: “A standout at the Sundance Film Festival, this low-budget movie about an Italian performance artist and her bid to adopt Sudanese twins is fresh and surprising.” Montreal Gazette

28 June: “The extensive documentary category featured such great, infuriating films as Pietra Brettkelly’s “the Art Star and the Sudanese Twins.” Indiewire, Edinburgh

16 June 2008: The Art Star opens this week in Russia and Edinburgh, at the Message to Man, St Petersburg, Russia and the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

April 2008: To accommodate interest in ‘The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins’ at Hotdocs, Toronto a 3rd public screening has been added: Sunday April 27 9pm at the Bloor Theatre

“The Art Star Wins at Sundance!”

“3 1/2 stars out of 4!”

“THE BEST OF SUNDANCE: In the highly subjective judgment of the jury (aka me), these were the year’s real discoveries, the movies that had people talking excitedly as they trudged through frozen streets and jammed onto overheated shuttlebuses….The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins.” Andrew O’Heir, Salon.com

“I thought, what a freak I am,” Beecroft says softly, almost a whisper. “But it was really me.” William Booth, Washington Post

“…a striking piece of art in its own right, stirring all of the right emotions, and like any good artist, ultimately Brettkelly lets her work do the talking and leaves her finished piece to the viewer’s own interpretations.” www.dane101.com

“…we are forced to ask ourselves who really benefits the most from foreign adoption.” LA Times

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